100 to 120 mm long

They (being some doctors but not all) believe my problem has been tracked down to an organ in our body that measure 100 to 120 mm long. The nasty little gallbladder.


Not all of my doctors are convinced which of course means I either have to many doctors or … well I don’t know. My gallbladder measured slow  37% instead of 60 to 90% and since gallbladders usually don’t get better on their own, eventually it will cause a problem. It might not be the problem now, or it could be. My surgeon says my story is one he’s heard lots of times.  But he also says that until we remove the gallbladder we really won’t know if it is the problem or if there is something else lurking there.

Personally I hope it is, because it’s a relatively easy fix and I don’t know if I can emotionally or physically take much more of this. 2+ weeks of eating pudding and now breakfast cereal is a real downer. It makes knitting the pits, not to mention taking care of my family. Ugh.

Thanks for praying, keep it up. Surgery is Thursday.



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6 responses to “100 to 120 mm long

  1. my mom had her gallbladder out. It was a relatively simple and non-invasive procedure. She recovered physically really fast, but then had to watch what she ate for a while afterward. Fatty things set her off.

  2. Good luck T. Think positively, it helps.

  3. Tola

    agreeing with Mim about the fatty foods. my best friend had hers out several years ago and i remember her being careful about the amount of fat intake. not that reducing that is a bad thing anyway, it just means you have to be more watchful of what you eat. here’s hoping and praying that this is *it* and this will fix the problem.

  4. Well, you know already that I thought it was your gallbladder… let’s hope I’m right! Surgery is never fun, but it really wasn’t bad. I think I was only in the hospital over night (I don’t know if they always keep people over night either). I had to take it easy for about a week, watch what I ate, but after that I was good. And the best part… no more of the you think you might die stomach aches! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you!

  5. I had my gallbladder out in 1998. That is immediately what I thought of when you first described your symptoms. I pray that this is what it is and that you’ll be feeling better quickly! I agree with Sarah about the surgery and eating. Oh yeah, watch out for eating greasy foods after it’s out. You won’t be able to digest the fats and will have what is called dumping syndrome. Yeah, it’s what you think it is 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. nettogirl

    Tina… prayers are with you and your surgeons… may you find supernatural healing and a recovery that is swift!

    God Bless you, and your internal organs, the one soon to be removed, and all the others that will remain! May you have peace and cake. 😉

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