I’m home and recovering. No complications and the doctor said my gallbladder didn’t look happy. It was inflamed, had scar tissue and just looked sick. It was good we took it out and he’s 98% sure that was my problem.

Been drinking liquids mostly but did try some real food. Ate some bread today, and before that made me sick, this time it didn’t. That’s hopeful! More food tomorrow, and slowly build my way back up to regular food, although after all this, I’m thinking much healthier food, and exercise. The swimming pool will be open soon.

Lessons learned:

Pain is bad! Spend 10k and you can get it fixed (hopefully)

My veins are evil. I have the bruises from the 5 tries to get IV going on Thursday to show it.

You can live on tapicoa and water for 12 days and not die. It’s not a great diet, but you can loose over 15lbs doing it.

I love water now!

Salads are the most beautiful thing there is after 12 days of pudding. Lettuce, tomato and honeymustard. It’s the food of heaven!

Surgery hurts, and makes you really tired. I keep falling ….ZZzzZzzhuh….. asleep with out realizing it.

There are times, when even knitting is hard… and that’s sad, because usually it passes the minutes quicker.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

I have the best husband in the world, to bad he’s stuck with me.

Drug meds make you write silly posts at 11pm at night.

I’m off to try and catch up on my 2008 Hats. I’m 4 or 5 behind so I have this really snazzy idea of knitting 5 hats on one circular needle! woosh. Baby hats though, but 5 different patterns, 5 different yarns. Should work….. send help if you see me all tied up.

(really I’m not as drugged as I sound)

Hugs to everyone!




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7 responses to “Recovering

  1. Glad to hear it all went well and that you are able to eat real food again! Congrats on the new life lessons learned. 🙂

    love, Sarah

  2. 5 hats on one circ, as in 5 at the same time using magic loop? I think that’s awesome, I want pics of you doing it!

    I’m glad the surgery went well, and hopefully all will be better now!

    Guess what!!! We are moving back to Utah! My husband is already there, he got a job and starts on Monday. The kiddos and I will come down when school lets out in June. I want to come and meet you and hang out and play with yarn and needles and stuff!!!!

    I hope you continue on the healing path! I’ll send good health vibes your way 🙂

  3. nettogirl

    So glad to hear you are healing… and my prayers continue for your healing in fullness and for your refreshment and replenishment. And although “pain is bad”, truth remains that it is a gift from God.

    Hugs to you and to your recovery!

  4. Tola

    Love you muchly!

  5. Glad the surgery went well. Hope you have a quick recovery and you can start eating some other types of foods…send the tapioca my way (me luvsss it!)

  6. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better… hope the rest of your recovery goes well!

  7. chloe

    So very happy to hear your good news.
    Now just take it easy, relax, and build yourself up.

    Thank you for the ballband hat. I think I will knit one up for a little friend in the neighborhood.

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