Moving It.

Just a little bit.

There were a few times in my recent illness that I considered what would happen if I was to die. Usually it happened while I was in the middle of a 3 hour attack, scared to death because the doctors could give me no clue as to what was happening to me, and worried it was something serious, with my liver or pancrease (Too much reading on the internet is unhealthy to your mind during illness. It will always be cancer, with a 10% chance of living….if you are lucky… and live in Florida…..)

I promised sometime during it all that if the doctors could fix me up that I would start living more healthy. (not sure who I promised it to, but I made a few “if/then” pleas)

Well they fixed me up, I waited my time period for healing and then…

I cut out Soda. Well okay. I went from drinking Dr. Pepper to Diet Dr. Pepper. Trust me, this is huge for me…

I wanted to eat more breakfast, that’s coming but I make wrong choices still. I had a banana the other day that made me sick, so well, that won’t be it. Maybe more cereal, even if I start off eating the kids, at least it’s a start.

Less late night snacks. Ugh. We have food still in the house that needs to go, and I just can’t throw it out. So when it is gone, I’ll try hard not to buy more. No more chocolate candy bars. No more mini cheeto bags, no more (waah) taquitos (maybe….) etc.  If it’s not in the house to snack on I won’t eat it. But… I need to figure out what I can snack on because I will get hungry… And I need chocolate. Maybe I should buy the fat free/suger free puddings? Hmm. Yeah I didn’t eat enough pudding while I was sick. I mean after all It was only 12 to 15 days of nothing but tapioca pudding and water, but really, you forget quick the pain……

Exercise! This one has been hard. I’ve been wanting to but time period is hard. I want to do it when Jon is home so we can go to the gym together, but that means night time. After dinner has been full of concerts, homework, practices, church stuff, and once in a while a tv show we like to watch.

But I’m happy to announce that tonight was the 2nd night in the row that I made it over to the office and walked on the tredmill. It’s not much. I’m moving it, but just a little bit. I’m no big runner, I have to take it easy too for awhile, so I’m starting off slow. I feel kind of embarrassed because I know most people that read this blog are pretty active bikers and runners. But I did 1.08 mile yesterday in 30 mins, and 1.2 miles today for 30 mins, and I did 60 reps of arm weight stuff (yep stuff, 2 machines, don’t know what parts just arms) and some more leg pushes thingies on another machine.

Moving it, just a little bit. Probably will take tomorrow off. It’s knitters night, but looking forward to Friday.

Yarn stuff: I got my order of Lace weight yarn. Spent much of today looking over Raverly and drooling and trying to decide what my first project should be.  Hard to choose now that I have enough yarn (2200 yards in most of the colors) to make most anything…



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2 responses to “Moving It.

  1. A little bit at a time is the best way to build a habit. Keep it up!

    Breakfast: I have a hard time with it too…very hard, in fact. Here is one thing that has really become one of my favorites, it is cheap and it doesn’t taste so bad. Pick an oatmeal, any kind. Cook it as instructed then once cooked put some yogurt in there, I like the ones with the pieces of fruit. It makes the oatmeal so much tastier.

    Gym: If you would like, I can come pick you up and you can come to the gym with me. It is early though…I go from 5am-7:30am. I go M,W,F. If you want to try it out, I know the manager, he can give you a month’s pass for you to try it out. They have an early water aerobics class: 5:15am that I think you would enjoy, then you can hop on the elliptical or treadmill or you can join me in the spinning class :). I would love to have some company, I go all by myself.

  2. Breakfast: Light yogurt with fresh strawberries… low calorie and yummy. Tea instead of coffee, less calories because no cream is needed.

    Snack: Popcorn… low calorie and filling. Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices are good too.

    Exercise: Consider doing things the hard way, walking instead of driving (which I know is pretty difficult where you live), using a broom to sweep floors instead of going over it with a vacuum cleaner, watching TV standing up or lifting weights (which could be empty milk containers with water in them). Ask your kids to help you… they’ll keep you motivated and it will encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle too.

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