Spring Things

I have been knitting. One was a large project for Knit Picks. I’ll be sending it off next week.

I have a new Nephew. He is a month old now. I had 9 months of knitting time shrunk down into about 3 weeks. He’s adorable and I love being an Aunt to a nephew.

He’s the 9th grandchild so I decided to make a blanket to symbolize that. It’s a small blanket, but I’ve found sometimes I tend to grab the small ones, especially now that my own M is older and just needs a bit of ‘blankie comfort’  The pattern was a made up, modified, basic basketweave. 9 squares, of 9 patches.

I also made him some socks:

I tried making him a cabled hat, but I ran out of time around 3am the night before our trip. So, maybe next time.

And speaking of babies, here is my almost 1 year old (next month)

And lastly, I finished my little scarf/head thing tonight. Knitted from around 175 yards of Knit Picks Pallet. It was an experiement to try and use up some single skeins I have.

It’s not quite as big as I would like, but could work for a head scarf. Right now I’m calling it Thistle Drop but I might end up doing something else with it.



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2 responses to “Spring Things

  1. I think the smallest picture of the scarf looks like a small strawberry!

  2. Or maybe an acorn?

    Love the little baby socks… so sweet. Just like your little one. 🙂

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