Year of Hats 2008 – whoops Booties

(warning: This post contains my views on abortion)

Well this was suppose to be the year of Hats for me. 1 hat a week for 2008.

Getting sick messed me up and got me behind. I’ve been having a hard time getting remotivated for it. But I did find something to motivate me.

Last friday I went to my first meeting for a new pregnancy care center that will be opening in Logan. It’s the Center for Pregnancy Choices. It’s a faith based entity, under the Care-Net balloon. We will offer, for free, pregnancy tests, councelling, clothing, diapers and many other needs. It’s no secret that I’m pretty conservative in my thoughts about abortions (even more conservative than the main religious body around here concerning abortions and chemical birth controls) so a center like this in Logan is something I’m interesting in being involved. I want woman out there to know they have a choice, and that choice isn’t or doesn’t have to be abortion, and if they have had abortions, we can be there to help them through the process if they need help.

I feel a bit like I was ‘created’ to be a part of this. That’s what has me so excited. I did the very ‘mormon’ thing and I was married rather young (19) got pregnant on birth control 6 months later, thought about abortion but was too far away from a center to make it a reality. So I know a bit how it feels to be a young (‘mormon’) mom, clearly uncertain about how a baby will change her life (and yes, it’s been 13 years and my life is definitely not what I expected, in many great ways) 14 years later, and 4 children later I know how precious children are.

I’m also a product of family adoption, having been raised by my grandparents on my father side, when my own birth parents, divorced and couldn’t take care of me anymore. So I can relate a bit to that. I know how it feels to have a birth mom out there and really not know much about her, and to look at what I do know of her life and love her as a fellow woman who is concerned for another woman. She’s had a tough life, and I was but the first step down a spiral of hell for her. I can’t imagine how she feels.

Finally this university town will have something like this, something that could have helped my own birth mom through her heart ache and pain and emotions and needs. Our numbers are small but a few years ago there was over 70 known abortions . That’s to many in my opinion. And I am sure we have many post-abortive moms and dads who could use this service, as well as new moms and dads who need help with their choices in keeping their children to raise.

I have a 22 hour training in June to go through. This will better identify where I might serve in this mission/ministry/center. I might not be ‘counceler’ material, but right now I’d be happy just handing out diapers. I just want to be involved.

I read somewhere that at one of these types of centers they give baby booties to anyone that comes in and has a positive pregnancy test. It is a gift to remind them that what they have is life, not a mass of useless cells, and even if they decide to abort their child, or give someone the chance to adopt their child, they can have a keepsake to later remember the child they do not have in their lives.

So, my plan now is to make a massive amount of baby socks. Knitted. I can still use quite a bit of my scraps that would have gone for hats.

I’m doing them 2 at a time on one circular. I tried to do 4, but the tangled yarn slowed me down more than doing 2 with 1 center pull ball. I have a 3rd pair done, and working on my 4th as we speak.

Year of Hats and Booties 2008 restarts!



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4 responses to “Year of Hats 2008 – whoops Booties

  1. A wonderful thing you are doing my friend! Lovely bootees too!

  2. That sounds like an awesome organization!! I hope many women will benefit from what you and they have to offer. I would love to help you on your project! If I make some socks, could I send them to you to take in? I have lots of leftovers, and I’d love it to go to a good cause 🙂

  3. That is really cool! How great for L to have a place like that for mothers to go! Is it already open?

  4. Heather

    I would really LOVE to know more about this center. When does/did it open? Could you email me their phone number? I would like to help in some way as well…. I am also very “conservative” in my views on abortion – like you, not in a self-righteous way, but wanting to help and understanding the emotional “territory”. I love it when God puts that desire into us to put our love into action. I feel kind of stuck that way, but am open to seeing what’s out there for me to lend a hand, if even only in a small way.

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