Busy June 2008

Life was busy, June 2008

Family Stuff

3 Birthdays:

A 5 year old turns 6:

A Baby Turned one:

She enjoyed lots of cake:

A Mom Had a birthday too and got flowers:


Finished a secret project:

(3 actually, but only can show you pictures of this one)

Knitted some Booties:

Started  a Shawl:

Knitting some Market Bags:

Taught the Baby to Loom Knit:

Took a 2 day Trip with the Hubby to a great conference (Compassionate Boldness)

That’s just some of it. It was a great month, busy with 22 (or so) hours of training for the Center for Pregnancy Choices that will be opening later this summer, planning the Fair Booth for it, and planning the Edgar Family Reunion in scenic Lava Hot Springs this year, kept my mind and heart busy too!

Happy July!



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5 responses to “Busy June 2008

  1. Wow, a really busy month! Lava Hot Springs… where’s that?!?

  2. Great post! It’s fun to see all the birthday and knitting project pictures. The market bags should be excellent for Novemberfest. Are you still aiming at one a day? 🙂

    Take care.

  3. Tola

    looks wonderful!

  4. I love the picture of M and the cake! Emma was too scared to get that messy.

  5. Great to see the photos! Six years old? Oh my goodness I remember watching her in the nursery! And I really can’t believe your new baby is one already! How did that happen? 🙂 Enjoy the updates! Happy (late) Birthday!

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