More Bags

I was asked if I thought I’d be able to make a bag a day to keep up with my quota of making something a day.

(I was making a pair of booties a day…)

I could, if I really pushed myself. But that would sacrifice family time and I’m not going to do that. Lately the we’ve have been playing alot of board games  with the children at night and I really have been enjoying it, so my knitting time is limited to mornings and early afternoons. (and mornings have been nice – sleep in real late – things this summer)

But I’ve done pretty well. Here is 3 more bags since my last post:

Not sure what to name them? They are small but can stretch really big. Fit a jug of milk, or a binder, or a few books etc. Something to grab for a quick trip to the market? Hmmm

I love the fact that they are knitted, in the round, no seaming,

and only take one ball of dishcloth cotton yarn.

I’m hoping to write up a pattern for them in the near future.

I’ve travelled around my town and believe I’ve bought about all the Cotton yarn I could find!

So I have many more I can make. A months’ worth!

I have been knitting other things, including another project knit.

Here’s a sneak peak:

PS: I’ve had a few people offer to already buy the bags.  Wow.

I have no idea what to charge for it though. I’m the type of person that gives away a whole yarnsale of items for 25 cents because I want to be nice….



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4 responses to “More Bags

  1. I will be selling my bags at the market for 10 if that gives you an idea of a price.

  2. I know some people that charge 3 times the cost of materials as labor, but maybe take a look at esty and see what grocery bags are going for and go from there.

  3. sorry that should be etsy not esty.

  4. How long does it take to make each bag? Pay yourself minimum wage and factor in the cost of yarn.

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