One Wednesday in July

This is how I spent this afternoon:

45 of these:

There are 44 different yarns there. There is a repeat. Gumdrop. I named the repeat Candy Store. But they look a bit different because of dyelots.  3 different types of Yarn: Peaches & Creme, Sugar N’ Cream and Creme de la Creme.

Creme de la Creme was not a nice yarn to wind. Almost every ball has one splice and knot in it. I’m not sure if I’ll use them all for the bags.

For winding into balls, peaches & Creme wins. It’s wound in such a way that I almost never had a tangle when winding fast onto the ball winder. Sugar N’ Cream was okay, until the very end of each skein where it would get a bit tangled and would take a few minutes to work out.

4 more bags:

With Color names: Terra Firma, Strawberry, French Country and Keylime Pie.

(other bags were Wine, Pretty Pastels, Swimming Pool, Desert Rising, and Tumbleweed)

With all the yarn choices I have no idea what one to do next. I think I need to either do a Purple one, or Yellow.   To many choices!

(and what to name them…. Stash your Cache Market and Shopping Carryall? Seems a bit wordy (grin)

Look what my friend Heather, from knitting night, made to donate to the Center for Pregnancy Choices.

Not only was it her first baby booties, but it was also her first lace project and first heal flaps!
Wow Heather, thanks so much!

I also knitted up a 6 month seamless raglan, to try out something different. It’s cute, but I am not sure I like how I decreased the arms. Also I didn’t even SEE the pooling on the front until I took a picture of it. Funny what our camera will show us that we don’t see in person!

For those in Logan, I’ll be at the County Fair. I’m in charge of the fair booth for the Center.

I’m looking forward to it. We will also be fund raising through it, so stop by for some cute little babies, candy, and little feet pins.  (and free writing pens too, if they get here in time — crosses my fingers)

Next week is the Family Reunion 2008. We’re headed to Lava hotsprings! Staying at the School House Inn

wondering into strange land here:

I had a dream last night about someone that when she has time, reads this blog. (At least I think so, she’s commented sometimes)  It was one of those weird dreams, but one that stays with you. In the dream she had died! It was either a suicide, or murder, or something like that. Something tragic, not an illness. It was one of those dreams that makes me want to write to that person and ask if she is okay. But how do you start an email like that. Hey ____ Last night I dreamed you died, you hardly really know me, but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t depressed and thinking about hurting yourself. Want to talk?  Well I guess I could do that.  Anyway, to anyone reading this blog… Be Safe, and I miss seeing your face. Love T.



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6 responses to “One Wednesday in July

  1. I really don’t know how you do it. Look at those fantastic bags! Are you going to sell them at the Gardener’s Market? I bet they would do really well there.
    I hate dreams like that, the ones that stick with you and make you scared for family or friends. *hug*

  2. Scary dream! I always wake up wanting to call everyone to make sure they’re okay… but then I realise that’s crazy and the feeling passes. Hope you’re doing well. Good luck at the county fair and have fun at the lava springs!

  3. Have a great time at Lava! I hope I get down to the fair to see your booth.

  4. When is the county fair? I will stop by and say “hi”.

  5. Tracey

    Yuck, I HATE HATE HATE those kind of dreams!
    I hope your friend is ok, whoever they are!!!
    I tend to be the same way when I have weird dreams, call them or email them and say “hey, I had a bad dream about you and just wanted to make sure you’re ok!” I had one last night that my aunt had breast cancer, so I told her today she needs to get a mammogram (breast ca. runs in our family).

    Do you think you’ll write up a pattern for the bags? They are awesome, and I WANT THEM! 🙂

    Hoping all of your family is well 🙂 We’ve just moved back to Utah (SLC) and I’d love to come up to Logan some time and meet you! Have lunch or something? Let me know!

  6. nettogirl

    Hi Tina… maybe the dream is meant to stir your own heart into expressing to this person your heart’s love for them, your heart’s honor for them, and their place in your life, even if they are at a distance or what not. Maybe too it is a dream to remind you of a moments fleeting, in that today is our promise, as tomorrow is promised to no one. Today is what you have to offer to this person, your heart, to connect to hers, and it’s not really about the dream of her dying, but more about her living, and you living alongside her in today, and what a gift that really is.

    Those yarns are beautiful! Just beautiful!!!

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