Leave of Absence

I took a leave of Absence from the blog.  Not sure I really meant to, just August was a busy month, physically, emotionally, mentally.  Intense and Amazing Highs, Breath taking devastating lows.  Hurting because you love so much, loving because you hurt so much. Knowing you’re doing what you were purposed to do… not knowing a thing. Things like that.

I have been busy knitting. I’m teaching a class in Sept on Chart Reading (insert giggle here from Mim I’m sure) with the emphasis on Lace Knitting. So, that meant coming up with my own pattern.

I’m going to be teaching both a shawl version and scarf version. I figure many people might lack the confidence in their ability to do a stole, and need the smaller scarf version to build up to, even if it’s only about 24, to 48 more stitches is all.

I’m throwing around the idea of calling it Pieceful Creations.  The name Pieceful Creations stems from my quilting business once upon a time (I sold pieces of fabric… ) but this shawl has lots of different ‘pieces’ of lace patterns in it, and it’s mine.   It will be a time before i have the pdf pattern ready. I have to write up a mini book on how to read charts, make charts, be a chart, eat a chart, knit a chart (well maybe not all of those) but It will have to be done by the middle of Sept one way or another!

The shawl measures 24×77 blocked to within an inch of it’s life.  I used Cotton Fleece (light ww weight not their thinner) and 4 skeins. So probably around 800 yards.  No pictures of the scarf, but I used sock weight yarn for it. I didn’t want people to think their first lace projects had to be with cobweb weight and that ‘lace’ isn’t so much the yarn used but the yarn overs (at least in my point of view… I could be wrong… what do I know… why am I even teaching this class… doom doom doom)

(I found a picture of half the scarf, so you get one after all!)



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4 responses to “Leave of Absence

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of knitting! Looks good.

  2. When you write up the pattern, I want it! It is beautiful! I am definitely going to make the stole!

  3. Dorothy

    I too would like to have your pattern. It is lovely.

  4. Tola

    it is beautiful, and im sure Mim will laugh *with* you. i miss y ou so much! (((Tina)))

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