I worked a bit today, got 5 pages of my new pattern ready. Still lots to go, but I figured I better start working on it!

I’ve been knitting market bags like crazy. I’m up to around 20. I’ll take a picture of all of them laid out this weekend. Still lots to go, around 30 plus at least. I have til Thanksgiving Day to get them done. Plenty of time…. I hope….

To take a break from lace knitting (have 2 shawls on the needles) I decided to dig through my stash and see if I had any yarn to make this: Phazelia’s Mitered Baby Jacket (Rav Link)

I really wanted a self striping sock yarn, but I didn’t have any good candidates. Then I realized I had a bag of yarn that was the left overs from a future publish Knit Pick Test Knit I did in June:

So i’ve casted on. Using the Random Stripe Generator I put in the 6 colors, with 4 rows each and let it splurt out a random arrangement of stripes. This is what I have so far:

I’m digging it so far! I have no clue how big it will be (yeah I could measure Gauge but usually I’m wrong.. it will be a surprise…) If it fits my Marissa -yipee. If it is smaller, it will probably be a Christmas present for an soon to be born niece. If it’s bigger… umm.. hmm we’ll have to see how big it is.

So, my baby is growing up. (/cry) She’s getting so big. We’ve been trying to take her bottles away from her, but somehow she found a super-size machine and made one of her bottles Big. (just kidding)

I’ve been waiting to dress her in the below outfit all summer. It was just a tad bit chilly (barely) the other day on our walk so I got to put it on her. I think she liked it and even modeled a bit for me!

(yes I have 3 other children. Someday I’ll show you their pictures, but well, they aren’t hanging out with me 100% of the day… it’s hard to remember to take pictures of them)



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2 responses to “Stripes

  1. Emma has those jammies. You got to start the sweater, I am excited for you. Love the cute outfit!

  2. How is it that she’s so big already?!? Time flies.

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