Soup Weather

I love Autumn lately.  The brisk cool air is such soup weather.

The funnest part of soup is experimenting. This one my son named “Antique Artifact Soup’ because he said the wacky pasta looked like something you’d excavate.

Let’s see what’s in it. It was definitely one of those “go to the pantry and see what you have” soup. It started with Wacky Pasta, this bag of multi colored and multi shaped pasta. Add a few cans of chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, mushrooms, veg all, real potatoes, half and half, chicken breasts, lots of seasonings, and you have a yummy homemade creamy heart-killing but tummy warming soup!

I finished my baby sweater. The 6 month size is 3T when I knit it. Alas, guage you are not a friendly master.

I’m to lazy to relink the pattern, so look 2 posts down for the info! I had to fudge the ending a bit because I really ran out of yarn… but I think it is okay.  Will be a few years before I get a picture with Marissa wearing it though.



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2 responses to “Soup Weather

  1. Holy Cow your fast! BTW, I’ll be at knit night. I changed my plans due to sanity issues. I’ll tell you about it tonight.

  2. Will it fit any of your other little ones? Or maybe it can be a gift for a friend? Something to think about if storage space is an issue.

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