Stars and Sweaters

Trying to get out of doing my class homework (the workbook is up to 30 pages so far) I’ve been knitting on the side. I bought some yarn at Kings when I was on my cotton yarn hunt in town. It’s the red heart version of dishcloth cotton (creme dela creame or something like that) It’s much thinner than SNC or PNC and has knots in the skein. I did a few bags out of it, but it really looks different so I wanted to try and find a pattern that I could use the various length of yarn (knot free). I found a star dishcloth, and a bootie pattern on Rav.

I’ve changed them both a bit since these pictures. The booties have k2tog decreases. I’ve changed them to paired k2tog/ssk and on the purl side p2tog, and p2togtbl. I also do provisional cast ons for both projects and do a Kitchener (in garter stitch purl, knit, knit purl instead of knit, purl purl knit) to do most of the seaming. Also added a few rounds of plain st st to the booties before starting the top edges. And only cast on 14 stitches for the dishcloth. It’s true. I can’t do a pattern with out changing it.

Patterns: (Rav links of course)

Starfish Cloth

Becky’s Baby Booties
Last night I started a T-Top Sweater

I had to change the construction. I casted on with a provisional cast on the total amount of stitches I wanted with the sleeves. Then I knitted for about 4 inches then I knitted to the middleish section, casted off some stitches, finished the row. On the next row I knitted to the middleish section, re-casted on the stitches (thus the neckline) and went to the end of row. Then I knitted 4 more inchs. I then graphed the bottom of the arms together, and picked up the remaining stitches and knitted in the round to the bottom, finishing in a rib pattern.  It went so fast. I started it before dinner last night and ended it around midnight last night.

And it fits Marissa! But she won’t sit still in it to get a good picture. The neck edging might be a bit big… but she has a cute neck and shoulders that i think the drop shoulder look is sweet.



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3 responses to “Stars and Sweaters

  1. The sweater looks great! Thanks for the ravelry links, I was too lazy to find it and forgot by the time I got home anyways!

  2. Tina Buckner

    Love the sweater.

  3. Love that sweater! Just added it to my queue in Ravelry.

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