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Banana Shawl

Working along on the “banana” shawl. Here’s one side stretched out. You can start to see some of the ‘knots’ in the design that it will have.

I’m awaiting yarn from Knitpicks for another test knit. This time a Lacy one! I hope I get it today or tomorrow so I can take it on the family reunion.


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Memories of Ukraine

My latest test knit has shown up on Knitpicks

Memories of Ukraine from the book: The Natural Knitter

While I had it at home still my daughter let me picture her in it. She loved it. It’s was to big for her but I think it looks very nice. See I have been knitting! I just haven’t been able to show most of what I have finished lately (grin)


And in baby news: We have the hints of first smiles starting


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Ideas ahead

Last night J and I watched that Herbie movie (the newer one) It wasn’t to bad, I think the kids might like it. While watching it I set about designing my ‘easy to knit, but won’t bore the death out of me baby blanket that will not have lace in it’ (abbreviated as: Etkbwbtdoombbtwnhlii) …. anyone but me see the word DOOM in the middle of that? uhoh.

My idea: Light purple yarn. Knitted in stripes. Purls and Knits only allowed. Textured stripes with seed stitch stripes, knit til bored or the pound of yarn runs out.

Will see how it works (doom doom doom doom) I casted on the 207 (whoops 209 darn math) stitches and sit there with it ready to knit the seed stitch edging (k1,p1, repeat forever and an inch)

In other news, I knitted 2 whole rows on my Project: Design a Shawl. I’m up to row 80 now.
(click to see larger)

The new Issue of Knitty is out and has some pretty patterns (I didn’t go eww so much this time with this issue)

But my friend Isela of Purling sprite is published in it this time! Check her out.
How to knit needle free

With her new Loom Knitting book published and out and well loved by all who have it, and an upcoming appearance on Knitty Gritty, she’s famous! And I knew her when.. (rofl)
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Sneak Peak

Some of you commented on my recent “head long dash” into shawl designing. Well so far it’s going well. I wanted to show you a picture of what the shawl should look like when done. (Note: Half the the shawl that is, while this can be knitted bottom up, as the picture shows, it’s really being knitted top down, so each side of the shawl will be a repeat image)

Here is a photo of the design on my computer screen.

You’ll probably have to click on it to really view more of the details.

It might be to busy of a shawl, and I’m not really sure what the edging is going to look like when it’s done (aka how will it block out) but it’s my first try and it’s been and will be a learning experience.


In weather news, after almost all the snow had melted from our lawn, it snowed again last night.

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This Just In:

Ladydove, of Logan, was last seen with a empty look in her eyes, reams of 14 x 8.5 paper, graph paper, and pencil smudges on her face. It was said she was leafing through a knitting book. If you find her, tell her to go home, and go to bed.

She was heard mumbling, “I can design a shawl. I know I can! I’ll make it work.”

Please be advised, she’s probably not armed, and not dangerous, just lost in a myriad of “o’s and slashes” Take pity on her and send her lots of chocolate (and stitch markers)


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Scheherazade I’m in Love.


Shown Blocking:

Pattern: Scheherazade a 2006 Mystery Shawl by Melanie

Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr in Pewter sold at my new favorite online store Sarah’s Yarns

50% Silk, 50% Merino Wool Lace weight.

Less then 1260 yards.

Date: Jan 08, 2007 to Feb 01, 2007.

Blocking Feb 03, 2007

For: My sister in law Susan, who requested a shawl to wear for a Valentine’s Party.

Stitch count: 62,826 knits and purls……

Needles: Size 3 (3.25) Knitpick Options.

Size: 20 x 90 inches

Skills: Provisional Cast on (I used a new one I learned called a Lifeline Provisional Cast on.) and Knitted on edging. Blocking wires are in the mail, (thanks Cathie!) but didn’t arrive soon enough so my first ever straight edge blocking with the use of many pins, a willing to help husband and masking tape on the floor.

The makings of a shawl:

(pictures can be clicked to see larger versions)

More Pictures:

Scheherezade is based on Sultana who is the storyteller in 1001 Arabian Nights. It is said that the King was known to marry a new wife every day and dispose of the old wife, due to a bitter betrayal by his first wife. Sultana told a story every night and through out the 1001 nights of story tellings the King fell in love with her.

The Shawl tells the story of their love.

The middle displays the court of the King. Arabesque motifs flow outwards to the edge.


Next we see the weaving of a story down the middle and the eventually slow progress of a King falling in love with his Queen.


And Finally we find their love blooming and the end of the story (look close you can see hearts)

The shawl will be heading off to it’s new home on Monday.


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Knitting Update

Whoosh I’ve been busy. Knitting knitting knitting.
I’ve past the half way point of the Sister in law’s shawl and now the hard part starts.
I get bored easily
I don’t like knitting stuff I’ve already knitted
This shawl is knitted middle out, thus I’ve knitted the charts once, now I have to reknit them.

But here are some pictures of my progress. These are of course, unblocked, and of course look terrible, but they will do to show my progress. It was also a test run on what I will need to block it. I don’t have any blocking wires, (and no money for them so far), and this is one of the first shawls I’m really worried about straight edges. Ideas? I was thinking of using 2 lines of tape on the floor with measurement that I want and then lots and lots of pins to stretch them to those 2 lines…..?



Dani wanted to help me ‘pretty the shawl’

(yes she dresses herself and even though I’ve tried to tell her that
as a red head she can’t wear pink or red you know those “fashion rules” and all

And I’m glad she doesn’t!)


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