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August is Coming

NOTICE! Over the past few months, in 2009, this blog post as been hit by people visiting from Ilovephotography. Because I am not able to view the where the links are coming from, I’m a bit confused. If you are linking over from a website to this one, could you share with me why? Is it because of the fetal development picture?  If it continues with out explanation (just leave a comment) I will be removing this post to protect the other images on here.

Been a busy Month. Last week we had the Edgar Family Reunion of 2008 of which we were in charge.

I think it went quite well! I have pictures, but not many (blah I hate that)

Here was the view from our front steps of the School House Inn we stayed at.

The girls learned how to do “old fashion laundry”

I’ve been knitting but also playing more too….. So not sure if I’m ahead or behind!

We have Old Blue Jeans, Painted Desert, Early American, Candy Store, and Earth Ombre.

Look they make a great Baby bag!

Also been knitting Lace. Here’s a Lump of it (a 2/3rdish Pi Shawl based on Goddess Knits current Kal)

Next stop, Cache County Fair. Busy Times.

I sorted the writing pens we got yesterday. 12 different colors. Stop by the Booth and grab one when you are at the fair!

We’ll also have the Baby Models there.

Here is one, it’s a model of a 9 week old fetus (11 week normal pregnancy)

We’ll have the 12 week ones available for you to take home!


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