Mock Crochet – Loomed Stitch

Mock Crochet Loom Stitch

aka: Z-wrap Stitch


THE PDF is not available anymore from this blog. It might be loaded eventually onto Ravelry and when it is I will update this page.  Until then, the instructions have always been located on the blog listed below.  It’s the same instructions and pictures as were in the PDF file. Just click on the link and head on over.

Note: The Dove stitch was never available. It was a cool stitch, but not one I wrote down or remember how to do. Sorry.

Same information that was in the PDF is on the blog below…

If you want the instructions visit there. Lots of Pictures and information.

Non-PDF Instructions on Blog Click  –> –>Here



15 responses to “Mock Crochet – Loomed Stitch


    Hi! I am very interested in the mock crochet stitch. Thanks so much for the offer to send it to anyone who asks. Thanks again for your ideas.

  2. Kathy

    I would love to have the mock crochet stitch. And what is the Dove stitch?

  3. Kathy

    The pdf dl takes me to Isela’s site?

  4. Daisy Taft

    Hi I would love to get the mock crochet loom pattern.

  5. Chris


    I’m also interested in the Mock Crochet loom pattern and Dove stitch.


  6. i’am looking for wrapped single crochet stitch. would you please send it to my email.

  7. i need wrapped single crochet stitch. please send to my email.

  8. I have a stupid question do you knit off the first stich three times. Thank you for your time.

  9. Sarah

    Hi…I’ve tried the mock stitch and it was coming out great….except for one thing:

    The space between the first and last peg leaves a big gap. I will have to stitch them together after I remove the project (if I keep going).

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve reread the instructions several times and I don’t know why I have that gap.

    Thanks so much for any help.

  10. LaNita

    I too would like the to get the mock crochet loom pattern and Dove stitch..
    Please email it to me.

  11. The following posting, “Mock Crochet – Loomed Stitch | Pieceful Creations” indicates
    that u really comprehend everything that you r
    talking about! I really 100 % am in agreement. Thanks a lot ,Zella

  12. Patricia Walls

    Hello wondering if you have made a video of this mock crochet stitch. I am a beginner loomer and I seem to be able to follow instructions better with a visual and a kinetic vantage point. I saw a placemat made with your stitch on another site and I truly would to would like make some for my 87 year old parents. Thank you dear sister in Christ!! Trish

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