Soup Weather

I love Autumn lately.  The brisk cool air is such soup weather.

The funnest part of soup is experimenting. This one my son named “Antique Artifact Soup’ because he said the wacky pasta looked like something you’d excavate.

Let’s see what’s in it. It was definitely one of those “go to the pantry and see what you have” soup. It started with Wacky Pasta, this bag of multi colored and multi shaped pasta. Add a few cans of chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, mushrooms, veg all, real potatoes, half and half, chicken breasts, lots of seasonings, and you have a yummy homemade creamy heart-killing but tummy warming soup!

I finished my baby sweater. The 6 month size is 3T when I knit it. Alas, guage you are not a friendly master.

I’m to lazy to relink the pattern, so look 2 posts down for the info! I had to fudge the ending a bit because I really ran out of yarn… but I think it is okay.  Will be a few years before I get a picture with Marissa wearing it though.



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Pattern Release: Pieceful Creations Lace Stole

A few years ago, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy knitting lace. It’s not so much I had a fear of charts, but I was in open rebellion against them. But then Mim of started designing some beautiful, chart only patterns.  If I wanted to knit those I would have to learn charts. (It didn’t help that I often saw the real life shawls in person, when she lived still in my small Mountain Valley) She was and continues to be an inspiration. I love her patterns

So, I sat down and learned to read, understand and knit charts. Lace caught hold of my heart and I haven’t turned back.  This month, I have the chance to teach others, what Mim shared with me. The open window of great opportunity.  Learning to read, understand and knit charts.

This is the stole pattern that I will be teaching in the class, but I wanted to offer it for those who will not be able to attend. Enjoy

Pattern Release:

Pieceful Creations Lace Stole

  • Craft: Knitting
  • Type: Shawl/Wrap/Stole
  • Published: September 2008
  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece 215 yards [4 skeins of Driftwood]
  • Yardage 800 – 850 yards
  • Size shown 24 inch by 77 inch
  • Needles: Size 4 (or size appropriate for your yarn)

The Pieceful Creations Lace Stole is a journey in sample lace knitting. Different lace patterns are spaced between a filler pattern to provide an enjoyable and distinctive knitted shawl.

Many of these patterns can be used to create their own separate knitted pieces, but when combined together create a beautiful visual display of different lace stitches, framed in a charming floral border.

Fully Charted – 17 page pattern – English – Highly adaptable

PDF instant download.

This pattern is available for $5.50. (paypal)


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I worked a bit today, got 5 pages of my new pattern ready. Still lots to go, but I figured I better start working on it!

I’ve been knitting market bags like crazy. I’m up to around 20. I’ll take a picture of all of them laid out this weekend. Still lots to go, around 30 plus at least. I have til Thanksgiving Day to get them done. Plenty of time…. I hope….

To take a break from lace knitting (have 2 shawls on the needles) I decided to dig through my stash and see if I had any yarn to make this: Phazelia’s Mitered Baby Jacket (Rav Link)

I really wanted a self striping sock yarn, but I didn’t have any good candidates. Then I realized I had a bag of yarn that was the left overs from a future publish Knit Pick Test Knit I did in June:

So i’ve casted on. Using the Random Stripe Generator I put in the 6 colors, with 4 rows each and let it splurt out a random arrangement of stripes. This is what I have so far:

I’m digging it so far! I have no clue how big it will be (yeah I could measure Gauge but usually I’m wrong.. it will be a surprise…) If it fits my Marissa -yipee. If it is smaller, it will probably be a Christmas present for an soon to be born niece. If it’s bigger… umm.. hmm we’ll have to see how big it is.

So, my baby is growing up. (/cry) She’s getting so big. We’ve been trying to take her bottles away from her, but somehow she found a super-size machine and made one of her bottles Big. (just kidding)

I’ve been waiting to dress her in the below outfit all summer. It was just a tad bit chilly (barely) the other day on our walk so I got to put it on her. I think she liked it and even modeled a bit for me!

(yes I have 3 other children. Someday I’ll show you their pictures, but well, they aren’t hanging out with me 100% of the day… it’s hard to remember to take pictures of them)


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Leave of Absence

I took a leave of Absence from the blog.  Not sure I really meant to, just August was a busy month, physically, emotionally, mentally.  Intense and Amazing Highs, Breath taking devastating lows.  Hurting because you love so much, loving because you hurt so much. Knowing you’re doing what you were purposed to do… not knowing a thing. Things like that.

I have been busy knitting. I’m teaching a class in Sept on Chart Reading (insert giggle here from Mim I’m sure) with the emphasis on Lace Knitting. So, that meant coming up with my own pattern.

I’m going to be teaching both a shawl version and scarf version. I figure many people might lack the confidence in their ability to do a stole, and need the smaller scarf version to build up to, even if it’s only about 24, to 48 more stitches is all.

I’m throwing around the idea of calling it Pieceful Creations.  The name Pieceful Creations stems from my quilting business once upon a time (I sold pieces of fabric… ) but this shawl has lots of different ‘pieces’ of lace patterns in it, and it’s mine.   It will be a time before i have the pdf pattern ready. I have to write up a mini book on how to read charts, make charts, be a chart, eat a chart, knit a chart (well maybe not all of those) but It will have to be done by the middle of Sept one way or another!

The shawl measures 24×77 blocked to within an inch of it’s life.  I used Cotton Fleece (light ww weight not their thinner) and 4 skeins. So probably around 800 yards.  No pictures of the scarf, but I used sock weight yarn for it. I didn’t want people to think their first lace projects had to be with cobweb weight and that ‘lace’ isn’t so much the yarn used but the yarn overs (at least in my point of view… I could be wrong… what do I know… why am I even teaching this class… doom doom doom)

(I found a picture of half the scarf, so you get one after all!)


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August is Coming

NOTICE! Over the past few months, in 2009, this blog post as been hit by people visiting from Ilovephotography. Because I am not able to view the where the links are coming from, I’m a bit confused. If you are linking over from a website to this one, could you share with me why? Is it because of the fetal development picture?  If it continues with out explanation (just leave a comment) I will be removing this post to protect the other images on here.

Been a busy Month. Last week we had the Edgar Family Reunion of 2008 of which we were in charge.

I think it went quite well! I have pictures, but not many (blah I hate that)

Here was the view from our front steps of the School House Inn we stayed at.

The girls learned how to do “old fashion laundry”

I’ve been knitting but also playing more too….. So not sure if I’m ahead or behind!

We have Old Blue Jeans, Painted Desert, Early American, Candy Store, and Earth Ombre.

Look they make a great Baby bag!

Also been knitting Lace. Here’s a Lump of it (a 2/3rdish Pi Shawl based on Goddess Knits current Kal)

Next stop, Cache County Fair. Busy Times.

I sorted the writing pens we got yesterday. 12 different colors. Stop by the Booth and grab one when you are at the fair!

We’ll also have the Baby Models there.

Here is one, it’s a model of a 9 week old fetus (11 week normal pregnancy)

We’ll have the 12 week ones available for you to take home!

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One Wednesday in July

This is how I spent this afternoon:

45 of these:

There are 44 different yarns there. There is a repeat. Gumdrop. I named the repeat Candy Store. But they look a bit different because of dyelots.  3 different types of Yarn: Peaches & Creme, Sugar N’ Cream and Creme de la Creme.

Creme de la Creme was not a nice yarn to wind. Almost every ball has one splice and knot in it. I’m not sure if I’ll use them all for the bags.

For winding into balls, peaches & Creme wins. It’s wound in such a way that I almost never had a tangle when winding fast onto the ball winder. Sugar N’ Cream was okay, until the very end of each skein where it would get a bit tangled and would take a few minutes to work out.

4 more bags:

With Color names: Terra Firma, Strawberry, French Country and Keylime Pie.

(other bags were Wine, Pretty Pastels, Swimming Pool, Desert Rising, and Tumbleweed)

With all the yarn choices I have no idea what one to do next. I think I need to either do a Purple one, or Yellow.   To many choices!

(and what to name them…. Stash your Cache Market and Shopping Carryall? Seems a bit wordy (grin)

Look what my friend Heather, from knitting night, made to donate to the Center for Pregnancy Choices.

Not only was it her first baby booties, but it was also her first lace project and first heal flaps!
Wow Heather, thanks so much!

I also knitted up a 6 month seamless raglan, to try out something different. It’s cute, but I am not sure I like how I decreased the arms. Also I didn’t even SEE the pooling on the front until I took a picture of it. Funny what our camera will show us that we don’t see in person!

For those in Logan, I’ll be at the County Fair. I’m in charge of the fair booth for the Center.

I’m looking forward to it. We will also be fund raising through it, so stop by for some cute little babies, candy, and little feet pins.  (and free writing pens too, if they get here in time — crosses my fingers)

Next week is the Family Reunion 2008. We’re headed to Lava hotsprings! Staying at the School House Inn

wondering into strange land here:

I had a dream last night about someone that when she has time, reads this blog. (At least I think so, she’s commented sometimes)  It was one of those weird dreams, but one that stays with you. In the dream she had died! It was either a suicide, or murder, or something like that. Something tragic, not an illness. It was one of those dreams that makes me want to write to that person and ask if she is okay. But how do you start an email like that. Hey ____ Last night I dreamed you died, you hardly really know me, but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t depressed and thinking about hurting yourself. Want to talk?  Well I guess I could do that.  Anyway, to anyone reading this blog… Be Safe, and I miss seeing your face. Love T.


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More Bags

I was asked if I thought I’d be able to make a bag a day to keep up with my quota of making something a day.

(I was making a pair of booties a day…)

I could, if I really pushed myself. But that would sacrifice family time and I’m not going to do that. Lately the we’ve have been playing alot of board games  with the children at night and I really have been enjoying it, so my knitting time is limited to mornings and early afternoons. (and mornings have been nice – sleep in real late – things this summer)

But I’ve done pretty well. Here is 3 more bags since my last post:

Not sure what to name them? They are small but can stretch really big. Fit a jug of milk, or a binder, or a few books etc. Something to grab for a quick trip to the market? Hmmm

I love the fact that they are knitted, in the round, no seaming,

and only take one ball of dishcloth cotton yarn.

I’m hoping to write up a pattern for them in the near future.

I’ve travelled around my town and believe I’ve bought about all the Cotton yarn I could find!

So I have many more I can make. A months’ worth!

I have been knitting other things, including another project knit.

Here’s a sneak peak:

PS: I’ve had a few people offer to already buy the bags.  Wow.

I have no idea what to charge for it though. I’m the type of person that gives away a whole yarnsale of items for 25 cents because I want to be nice….


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