Sierra Flame – Loomed Scarf



Create a fun scarf using short-rows! Learn this new techniques of short-rowing with this easy to follow pattern!

Items Needed:

Loom: A loom with at least 20 pegs is required, and pattern may be worked on a Round, Board or Rake Loom. While any gauge loom may be used,small gauge looms are recommended

Yarn: 4 to 5 ounces of worsted weight yarn if using small gauge looms. Choose a yarn suitable for your loom when using larger gauges. Pattern is written for single yarn strand knitting. Yarn with extra long color repeats that would create color ‘pooling’ would be more desirable. Also yarns with a natural fiber content is recommended, but acrylic will also work.

Other: 1 removable stitch (peg) marker. Crochet hook. Knitting Tool.

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate. Not suitable for first scarf project.

Techniques used: Essential knowledge of Basic E-wrap and Purl stitch, including how to knit a flat panel on a loom (such as a scarf)

Other techniques recommended: Cable cast on (for cast on) and Crochet removal of flat panels (for bind off)



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